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Welcome to Mr. Roberts' website at the School of Engineering & Sciences in Sacramento, CA.

Through this website, students will access course content and download documents important to their course. By accessing the Class Calendar, students will be able to stay up to date with assignments, download copies of handouts and worksheets, and study lecture slides for quizzes and exams. Each particular course has its own page with links to extra study materials, outside resources, videos, and writing support to help students succeed.

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This Day in History

Routledge Expedition 

Arrives at Easter Island 


Today known by its traditional

name of Rapa Nui, Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited 

locations on Earth. The first study of the island by outsiders was undertaken 

by British archaeologist Katherine Routledge, who spent 16 months on Rapa 

Nui studying its indigenous Polynesian culture. She interviewed residents and 

catalogued the island's now-famous stone statues. Her scholarship proved to be

 invaluable to later researchers. Why did Routledge's husband eventually have 

her kidnapped? More... Discuss

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